Our team has experience working in an array of different industries including, but not limited to manufacturing, healthcare and banking. We have access and the ability to work with many of the top and upcoming softwares used in the industry. Once we complete an initial consultation we gather the necessary information to fulfill the needs of our clients.

At Precise Personnel we ensure that the services we provide are done in not only the most effective manner, but also in a way that is most cost efficient for our clients. We provide stellar service allowing our clients to focus on their daily tasks versus HR, Payroll Processing, Benefit Administration and etc.

We are located in Hamden, CT- We travel depending on the need of the client.

Pre covid- We met with our clients virtually (by way of Skype Business, Zoom and other video call applications) or in person, whichever was best for the client. We are available to meet with clients and the employees of clients on site or virtually depending on the needs.

Our clients and staff are our top priority. We will meet virtually via Zoom and or Skype business until it is safe to go back into office spaces. We recommend that all clients have an SOP in place. 


Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.